Small Beginnings

Some months ago, when I was getting ready to finish my book, I was at a bookstore where I saw the brochure of a particular publishing company. The question asked on the brochure was, “Are you ready to publish your book–now?” (more or less). So, I filled out the little card and dropped it in the mail thinking, “This is it! It’s going to happen.”

Fast forward a few months later and I completely forgot about the company. I had used to publish my book and a few days later, I get a call from that publishing company.  Being a person who thinks nothing happens by coincidence, I thought, “God must have want this to happen now! Oh joy!”

As the sales consultant was giving me the spiel, I mused,  “I’ve already done this, that and the other. ” And when she gave me the prices, it came to me that in the scheme of things and the endless possibilities out there, it’s not that much money to have them do all the work for me.  But when I talked about it with my hubby, he said we just didn’t have the funds to do it! For a day, I contemplated emptying my retirement account–after all, the Lord’s going to come before I need it, right? :)–but I knew I was making a decision based on feeling and not rationality.

So the next day, I emailed her and told her that I couldn’t do it. That was one of the hardest emails I’ve ever typed. I felt as if my opportunity for success just went out the door.  Then suddenly, almost like a flag waving in the air, I heard the verse, “Despise not small beginnings…” Like a balm, it made me feel better. How many successful people started out small? In today’s world that globally connects everyone to everything in a manner of minutes and where the Internet can make you an instant star, it’s hard to want or even desire a small beginning. But maybe this is the path that God has for me.  And since the good Lord knows what’s best for me, then it can’t be that bad, can it?


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