I’m Back–Thank to my editors!!!

So last year, I published my first novel. Hooray for me!

However, my husband was very kind enough to give me an extra boost in my writing efforts so he brought me a self-publishing company called Westbow Press. It is the self-publishing arm of Thomas Nelson.

Big deal! Thanks baby!

So after reading their editorial guidelines, I saw that I had to make some changes. So Bonita Jewel, my editor came to the rescue. I think an editor knows the book better than the author. She was able to see where I put more depth into my character, make sure my timeline was consistent and be completely honest about improvements.

So due to Bonnie Myhrum, my first editor, the first edition of my novel was complete. Due to Bonita Jewel, the second edition of my novel was completed. Now, the book is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in some bookstores as well.

So I’m back. For good this time and thanks to my editors, I hope to make this the start of a beautiful relationship!


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