Yesterday’s Parker vs Today’s Parker

HappyI have to thank Fashionable Librarian for this post and a few others. If it wasn’t for their nudges, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post!

I haven’t updated this blog in years as one can see; but,  gaping awkwardly studying the abysmally few posts I had written, I was pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised to see how much I had changed.

This morning, I was remembering an incident from well over ten years ago when I did something horribly stupid to a co-worker because I allowed myself to get swayed by other people. I’m not sure what made me remember it but the event opened up like a version of “This is Your Life: The All the Horrible Things You Did” edition. I cringed. How could I have been so gullible back then? Why did I allow myself to be so weak as to make mean comments to a man who’d done nothing cruel to me whatsoever?


I could only say that time matures us. Mistakes, bad decisions, and unbridled stupidity youthfulness create the people we are over time. If I could find the schematics for the time machine John Titor used I’d go back in time and slap myself silly  talk some sense into my younger self for being led by gossips.

Thankfully, the gentleman in question doesn’t hate me.

But time has a way of maturing us. And in actuality, we really DO want time to be the one to mature us. Not the Internet where everything is free and up for grabs. An errant comment can make or break a virtual relationship. A ‘like’ on a FB post can categorize you. And who knows what else can ruin your social image in seconds.

grey parker j

What was I, an infant?

Yesterday’s Parker, as evident from the posts before this one, was so optimistic about her writing career. In fact, she thought by now, Stephen King and her (or is it she?) would be debuting their first novel. And surely, Steven Spielberg had received her message of her acceptance of his offer to turn her book in a movie. She was a dreamer, a wisher, and so optimistic about where her writing career would take her.

Today’s Parker (that’s me) has learned much in the intervening years. A writing career can be whatever you make of it. It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and the support of a network of colleagues, friends, and faithful fans to succeed.

Today, I look back and discover I’m working on my third year as a radio host for two shows. Yesterday’s Parker NEVER envisioned that in her life. I’ve learned I’m still learning.

Today, I look to the future of being married to the hubby for nine years which is practically forever in today’s world of short term marriages. The rose-colored glasses I wore back then have since shattered into a million pieces as the perfect husband I thought I married morphed and transformed into a imperfect man who I love more than I did when I first jumped the broom.

Today, I’m much more fully aware of how much I need the Lord to sustain me every second of the day. My dependence on His grace is much more appreciated.

Parker J Cole Gold Jacket

Seven Year Old Picture of Me but You Get My Drift

All that being said, I’m not the same person I was yesterday. And that’s a really good thing. I’ll be sure to be more active on this blog. I tend to ramble a bit so there won’t be any particular thing I’ll focus on. I have many interests.

Talk to ya’ll soon.




Parker is a diehard Trekkie (TOS), sci-fi lover, fantasy dweller, romance junkie, anime freak, old movie buff, church-goer, off and on Mountain Dew and marshmallow recovering addict who writes to fill the void the sugar left behind.  Visit her website at


5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Parker vs Today’s Parker

  1. If you just got back on the blogging horse then I’m glad! I’m most definitely not who I was 10-20 yrs ago. That was a lifetime ago & you’ve read some of my work to know why.
    Consider this: that’s how God wants it. If we aren’t willing to change, it makes it difficult for God to “work” on the pallete of our lives & make us that NEW creation 🙂

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