Last Night on the Show…

Do my teeth make my lip look fat?

Last night on my show we talked about vampires. Vampires is a subject I used to adore as a child. I remember reading all the teen romance vampire books back in the day (and no, I will not tell you when that was thus giving you a clue as to my age) but they were all the rage. Vampires trends go in cycles I think about every ten years or so.

I used to love vampire romances when I got older. One of my favorite authors in the genre at the time was Amanda Ashley. I think she’s branched off too paranormal romance now but it’s been a while since I’ve read one of her books. She also wrote Indian romances under Madeline something or other another pen name. My mother had no idea I used to read them since I always hid the books or tore the covers off them. Ah, sneaking around mother. Those were the days when that’s all I had to worry about.

Fast forward to yesterday.


Wicked cover, eh mate?

I showcased a Christian author who wrote a book entitled “Blood for Blood”. It’s premise is simple: what if a vampire got saved?

The story is very good. In my review, I called it The Perfect Book. It had something for everyone — romance (yeah!) action, thrills, unexpected twists, and an evangelistic message of salvation.

A fun part of the interview was talking about vampires and what are some of their barriers to Christianity and salvation. I wanted to list them here because I found them quite interesting:

1. Vampires don’t have a soul. Since they become undead, they forfeit their soul in exchange for immortality. However, immortality is a curse.

2. Vampires drink blood. As immortals, in order to sustain their immortality, they have to drink the blood of humans as they no longer have their own.

3. Vampires are lonely. Immortality wreaks havoc on your relationships. Besides people being freaked out whenever you come around — ‘people are friends, not food!’ —  seeing your loved ones grow old and die while you remain the same sucks. Good luck on dating.

There were a few other things we talk about with the barriers but I’d love for you to get the book and read it for yourself.

This author then brought it all around as to how God’s grace is redemptive for everyone, regardless who…or dare I say…what you are?

In the book, when the vampire (Raven) reads the 23rd Psalm, he is flabbergasted by the verse: he restores my soul and asks the preacher — can God really do that? He hungers for restoration. The question remains…is there anyone beyond the grace of God?

As we talked, I realized that grace is simply grace — unmerited favor. There’s nothing we can do to obtain it…be we human with sin sick souls or vampires.

If you get a chance to listen to the show, I’d love to get your thoughts on it so leave a message at the bottom.  Love hearing from you.

Parker J Cole Gold JacketParker is a diehard Trekkie (TOS), sci-fi lover, fantasy dweller, romance junkie, anime freak, old movie buff, church-goer, off and on Mountain Dew and marshmallow recovering addict who writes to fill the void the sugar left behind.  Visit her website at


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