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Original Ouija Board

I mentioned an experience on the show last Saturday where I talked about my one and only experience with a Ouija board. I was twelve and at school. That particular day was game day. The teacher allowed us all to bring board games from home (board games are the archaic version of fun time for some of us older ones) and all us kind gravitated to different groups.

When I saw the board, I remembered the commercial for the game. Looking back, it’s horrific to think they advertised a bunch of young kids playing this game, complete with a darkened room and a candle asking questions about life.

Although I grew up with a minister as a father and my mother as a Sunday School teacher, the unknown realm of the occult drew me in. I had been told not to play with it when my mother saw the commercial but when it’s right in front of you and all the kids are there…you go with the flow.

Anyway, we all put fingers on the little triangular thingamabob and kids of course was moving and kidding around. Then someone was like, “Okay, ya’ll for real. Let’s do this.” We all focused, quieted down, and then one girl with wavy curly hair asked, “Is there a spirit in this room.” I remember it being bright as day in the room…we were next to the windows at the back but a weird hush fell over everyone. We all sat and watched. Nothing happened.

Then someone suggested, “Let’s all ask.” (I guess the Spirit couldn’t hear us.) We all leaned in around the board and said, “Is there a spirit in this room?”

Once again, nothing happened.

“Let’s ask louder.” (Spirit could be deaf after all.) This time we all leaned in, bunched up around the board. Everyone was dead serious. By this time, we ALL wanted to know. Then we screamed “Is there a Spirit in this room!?”

It slid over to ‘yes’.

runningI nearly toppled the desk running away from that game. Several of us did. I was so scared I went home and told on myself. My mom merely looked at me and figured the experience was punishment enough.

Needless to say, I never fooled around with anything like that again. Looking back, maybe even then someone had moved it over to the ‘yes’ slot but I wasn’t going to take any chances. 

Fast forward to today and the occult appeal has spread with lightning fast speed. It’s spread so much so that it’s being mixed with science as well, almost like alchemy if you will. A segment of the population closely associated with the occult are psychics. TV shows, movies, books, etc show psychics in many ways — the tortured victim, the government experiment, the truth bringer, etc. Yet, at the end of the day, psychics provide services and services have to be evaluated: Can they help you?

Now, I’ll be the first to say that reading a fictional book with a psychic doesn’t make me an advocate for it. I can divorce fiction from reality. Odd Thomas is a fascinating character but I’ve no wish to delve into his world. The real, seen world is scary enough.

We discussed that on the show with Marcia who used to be an astrologer as well as had psychic friends who she used to be close with for a long time. Her ministry now is to reach those and others caught up in the New Age as well as educate the church on subtle New Age trends making its way in the body of Christ.

We spent quite a considerable time on the topic because we wanted to touch on as many aspects as possible so if you have the time, check it out and let me know what you think. And, if there’s something you want us to cover around this topic, let me know.

Parker J Cole Gold JacketParker is a diehard Trekkie (TOS), sci-fi lover, fantasy dweller, romance junkie, anime freak, old movie buff, church-goer, off and on Mountain Dew and marshmallow recovering addict who writes to fill the void the sugar left behind. Visit her website at


4 thoughts on “Last Saturday on the Show…

  1. I don’t ever remember having seen that 1991 Advert for the board and until I just watched (a part) of the trailer I’d never heard of Odd Thomas. Both of them were creepy though. I stopped short of watching the whole trailer when the apparitions became 3D!

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