The Parker J Cole Show — Trial By Fire

11888563_876711285750690_6717476846702643245_oIf I stub my toe, chances are the pain hits me very quickly. I hop on one leg for a second and then the pain goes away and I move on with my life. For some of us among the body of Christ, it’s a very different story. Pain is not a singular event for them but a constant companion. It is part of their every day lives and we’ll be talking about that on the show today.

Chronic pain sufferers deal with pain on a daily basis. For some, it happens for long periods of tme and then a brief respite. For others, it’s a constant companion of fire, of sharp shooting pains, of aches, and muscle spasms. And still for others, sleep is not a respite. The pain burrows through their dreams. Every hour, every minute, is spent in an agony of existence

When you are in pain all the time, you wonder if God is there. If He’s suppose to be so powerful, so loving, so kind and caring — why is He letting me go through this? Doesn’t He hear my screams? Doesn’t He know my life isn’t suppose to be lived this way?

You’ve prayed and cried. And the pain persists. Can God really be there in the midst of pain that never seems to end?

Join me as I talked with Brita Skinner, fellow author and chronic pain sufferer as she gives her insight to those of the Body of Christ who may be going through. Call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can click on the link here:, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app.  Tune in!


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