Parker J. Cole


I’ve always been a reader and a writer. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hand. Reading was my preferred form of recreation for as along as I could remember.  When I turned about 14 years old, I started to read Stephen King and I found myself becoming a huge fan of horror, thriller, and suspense.

Most of my writing in school tended to be filled with some aspect of the dark and dreary with a hint of the macabre. That hasn’t changed…


Since I’m a preacher’s daughter, I grew up in a very religious household. God was a part of my life for as long as I could remember.  So the Bible was and is a major part of my life. But throughout the years, I’ve been influenced by a number of people and things like most people. So it’s better just to see my Facebook page to see what influences me than to list it all here.


I have a ton of interests and things I love to look at and debate about. I absolutely love talking about religion and comparing various faiths.  I even like talking to atheists, agnostics, the skeptics and others.  When it comes to stuff like that, those topics have more weight because they are issue of importance that affect everything. I am not afraid of a difference of opinion because it doesn’t necessitate the need for an argument. I think that nowadays, people are afraid to say this disagree with something that the majority agrees with but not me! But I think that has a lot to do with my ‘gab’ trait. I love to talk!

When not talking, I love knitting. Knitting has to be the most calming hobby in the world. My granny taught me how to knit when I was seven and it wasn’t until I was much older that I began to appreciate its soothing affects.

When it comes to TV, I love to watch science shows, history shows, makeover shows, and my all time fav–ANIME! I am a child of the ’90’s so when the anime hit the US, like some many others of that era, I was hooked. I used to run home to see Sailor Moon. I used to fantasize about being Sailor Moon and fighting evil. I even wanted to get her long ponytails and twirl a baton in the air with my school girl outfit on.  Oh those glorious days of youth! Yet, I still watch anime but I’m into the shonen shows than the shojo shows even though  I enjoy them from time to time.

Old movies are the best! I love watching them. I like them because they reflect old traditions, styles, and morals that have become blurred in today’s society.  I love the outfits, the hair, the suits, the hats, the accessories, the story lines and the plots. I love the way they said things without having to be vulgar and obvious.  I even love the old time special effects from the ’50’s with movies like THEM!, The Monolith Monster,  and The Incredible Shrinking Man .  The actors had diverse skills–during that time you had to be pretty, handsome, able to dance, sing, jump and skip! It was glorious.


My dog has to be one of the best parts of my life. We got her back in August from the shelter.  She is a Corgi/Manchester Terrier mix and she’s a darling. She is fearful and she doesn’t like noises or sudden movements.  She’s afraid of thunderstorms, lightening, and loud people.  She doesn’t bark often. She’s not a guard dog and she pretty much doesn’t like squeaky toys, plush toys, rawhides, and bigger dogs. Yet, she is the very best companion in the world. She loves for us to rub her belly and gives kisses to me and my hubby. She adores my hubby and pretty much kicks me to the curb but she always stays close to me. If I move to one room, she’s there and if I move to another room, she’s there. It’s like having someone who wants to be bothered with you every moment of the day–which is really quite nice.

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