God Against the Gods — The Parker J. Cole Show

Parker J Cole BannerOften when we read the Bible, we may get a general idea of what the Bible is talking about. God’s love, mercy, judgement, and many other communicable and incommunicable attributes. Yet, if we delve deeper in the word, there are several times where God proclaims “I am God and there is no other god.” Yet, in today’s world, we have many people who have gods — eastern demi-gods, man-god consciousness, alien gods, gods of theory, and so forth and so on. The thing to remember is that God has been proclaiming and setting the record straight ever since the dawn of man.

Sometimes Christians feel like they have to defend God or come to God’s rescue. However, I would submit to you that God has always actively fought against the ‘gods’ of this world, whether of a spiritual nature or of our imagination.

Join me as I talked with writer and filmaker Brian Godawa as we delve into the whole realm of God against the gods as the Bible depicts it. You cacn call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/9083961  Tune in!

Debunking Bible Myths — The Parker J Cole Show

Parker J Cole BannerThere’s one book on the planet that when people hear its name, they have a myriad of response to it. From archaeologists, to doctors, to students, parents, children, teachers, professors, when they hear the Bible, the reactions range from hatred to adoration, skepticism to fantasy, and reverence to tolerance. Over the years, the Bible has been weighed by the intellectuals and laypeople of the times. As such, in a moral relativistic world, it’s important for Christians to have answers to common myths about the Bible,

Join me as I talked to historian, author, pastor, and teacher, Lewis Smith as he returns to the Parker J. Cole show to help us debunk some common bible myths and equip Christians with responses to this. If you have a question, feel free to call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, you can click on the link here.   Tune in!

Fire Breathing Christian — The Parker J Cole Show

Parker J Cole BannerWhen I came across Fire Breathing Christian, it was through a friend who popped a cool article about the early Christian signs found in the game of the Legend of Zelda. As I read through this highly interesting blog, I found myself clicking on more thought provoking, convicting articles about putting the Lord first in EVERY aspect of our lives.  Then I saw the title of the blog, Fire Breathing Christian, and the image that came to mind just had me bouncing in my chair saying, “I’ve got to have this blogger on my show!”

After all, Christians, not erroneously but perhaps misguided, tend to think meekness, and humility are the only sides of Christ. Perhaps we need to be reminded that Christ is not just the Lamb but the Lion. Perhaps we need to be remember to be wise as serpents, and not just harmless as doves.

Fire Breathing Christian hopes to equip and encourage Christians to better understand, proclaim, and apply the lordship of Christ in every realm of His creation. You can call in to weigh in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here.http://tobtr.com/8838043 Tune in!

The Parker J Cole Show — Relationship Month: Husbands and Wives

Parker J Cole BannerPeople make the world go around. That’s a fact. Without people, we really would be a ‘pale blue ball’ like Sagan once said. How we interact with each other helps to build families, communities, and cultures. All this month on the Parker J Cole show, we will be discussing relationships — from husband and wives to friends and siblings. Each week, our commentary will focus on particular aspect of the relational wheel.

This week, we’ll be discussing husbands and wives. This is a particularly hot topic, especially in the Church as various views of what a husband’s and wife’s role is according to biblical teaching. So we’re up for the challenge. Join me as I talked with Pastor Mike Spaulding from Soaring Eagle Radio and the Transforming Word as we talk about the first relationship God ever made — husband and wife.

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Responses to the Show — Breaking the Glass Steeple

Small fishLast Saturday on the show, we had a very interesting and lively discussion about Breaking the Glass Steeple or Working toward gender equality in the Church. In particular we discussed the views of egalitarianism and complementarism. These two views are polar opposites in the application of spiritual leadership in the Church. In a nutshell, egalitarianism theology states both men and woman have scriptural authority to lead the church. From deaconess to head pastor. Complementarism theology states spiritual authority and household headship rest on the male of the household.

Please understand that my condensation of these two different ideas are just that, condensation. There’s much more to them than I stated. However, I invite you to visit Jory Micah’s blog as she discusses in detail the egalitarian view and how it is scripturally sound. For those on the opposite end of the spectrum, I invite you to visit Rebekah Merkle’s blog that discusses in depth the complementarian view. Feel free to read the exchange between Jory and Rebekah on these two views (starting with Jory’s blog).  At the end of the day, I invite you to make your own decisions.


We had some interesting responses to the question: Do you think men and women are treated equally in the Church?

Below are some of the answers. What do you think?

Sheilathere is a great division on how the church treats men and women. Men have always been put in the leadership roles such as deacons,elders,pastors, bishops. women were ONLY in the subservient roles such as Sunday school teachers.It is a known fact that women build churches. They have a nurturing spirit SO many times they are the caretakers of the congregation.

AnnaI would say it depends on the church….I was raised Lutheran, went to a Baptist youth group for years and went non denominational and charismatic for the last 20 years. I was told as a kiddo in high school in the Baptist circles that I couldn’t have a call of God on my life because I was a woman as certain scriptures were quoted to justify this misconception. In college I went with a friend off and on to a Church of Christ Church….to where they dont believe a woman can teach boys over the 6th grade….So I searched the Word. Within various charismatic circles I think most believe in the call of women…however I have ran into a few that dont. Sometimes as an ordained minister of the gospel it can get to feel like it is a good ole boys club, but for the most part it has gotten better. I have no doubt that men and women have different roles…however I have no doubt that I do have a covering; God, my husband, my pastors….its sad to me that the gender card can become an issue in churches….in short we all play a piece of the puzzle, may the church as a whole start embracing the people male and female that God has sent to His body. Thats just my 2 cents. And I’d like to add to that. . . I had a God encounter when I was in the 6th grade that Jesus showed up in my room and told me that He’d called me into ministry. . .I didn’t see him physically. . .I just knew where he was standing. My point in bringing that up, was I knew that God had called me. The many that told me He couldn’t have because I was a women never deterred me. . .just made me search the Bible to see what it really said about women in ministry. It’s beyond sad to me how many women the false mindsets and those that believe that way have hindered them from running the race God has before them. . .

ZerHopefully not! We are not all equal. Each person is unique and fits into the Body in a unique place. While we are not equal, each person should have equal access to what the Body is supposed to provide to its members. Equal access is not the same thing as equality. It is time we stop talking about equality, because we are not equal. And just because we are not equal does not make one better than another, it simply means we are mature enough to recognize one another’s unique gifts and talents given to us by our Master!

ShainaI love individuality. No two person is exactly the same regardless of gender

SheilaAlso the scriptures justifies the “OFFICE” OF men. So many times the Church will uphold men in leadership roles. But everyone knows that the first person who introduced them to God and the bible was a woman, think about…your mother. when you read the bible who stood at the crucifixion of Jesus…women…When Jesus arose from the grave who told the apostles….also women…when Jesus travelled around…who helped to finance…women..Paul even speaks to Timothy about his grandmother in faith and how they established church. Bible declares there neither male nor female in the body of Christ. in the latter days both sexes will prophesied (sp). The population has more females so the church will see an increase in the roles of women…the bible states the harvest is plenty,but the labor few. In the body of Christ WE all have a job. The church has more pew warmers than “Doers” Over 2000 years the message has not changed…”Jesus saves” yesterday,today and forever. The church must look at “souls”and not gender roles.WE continue TO evangelize the same way. Everybody is a”preacher”,meaning we must tell the gospel..we all are evangelist,we Must go out to the harvest…

Lewis:  That’s a good question. If by equal you mean “the same”, I don’t know that God ever intended that. He made men and women different for a reason, and as the French say: Vive le difference! But, if you mean, “with equal fairness and compassion” – well, if they are not, they should be!

DavidHere are my thoughts:

As a pastor, teacher and bible scholar I would say Scripture leaves no room for inequality in the church between men and women. Galatians 3 says there is equality between Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female. All are equal in Christ. It is not a question of worth, intelligence, giftedness, or anything else.

The Bible is also explicit, women can be prophets (Miriam Exodus 15:20, Deborah Judges 4:4, Anna Luke 2:36 and many others). Women can be deacons as specific instructions for female deacons are given in 1 Timothy 3 and Phoebe is called a deaconess (Romans 16:1). They can be teachers (Priscilla Acts 18:26, and the instructions in Titus 2:3), prayer warriors, evangelists, and every other role in the church, save one.

The one area where Scripture is clear, is that the office of pastor is reserved for men. There are no instructions in 1 Timothy for female pastors, as there are for female deacons. The man is clearly the head over the woman and has been given this specific charge to be head over the church.

Again, this has NOTHING to do with value, worth, intelligence, or superiority. This has to do with roles assigned as part of God’s plan. Jesus was NOT inferior in any way with God the Father. Philippians 2:6 makes that clear. But in his ROLE as the second person of the trinity, Christ SUBMITTED Himself in all things to the authority of God the Father (John 6:38, 1 Corinthians 15:28).

So the question of female pastors is clearly, “Am I willing to submit myself to God’s authority as laid out in Scripture, or am I going to let my own idea of cultural or societal values supersede the word of God?”

KathyDepends on the denomination.

SarahFirst of all, I do not think a man should lead women without a woman by his side, unless he has been widowed.

Second, there are examples in scripture, even in the New Testament, of women holding each one of the five-fold ministries: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher. If a church claims to be a New Testament church but will not allow a woman into any of these roles, they really are not a New Testament church. And I have attended a few that claimed to be but aren’t.
Thirdly, a pastor is a very nurturing role. I’ll just leave it at that and let people make their own inferences.
Fourthly, a woman shouldn’t be leading a bunch of men without a man by her side. (It goes both ways.)
Fifth thing, church shouldn’t model after culture, but also shouldn’t ignore scripture. Men and women were created to work side by side. Women shouldn’t be given roles in churches simply because there isn’t a man to fill that role, they should be working WITH men in every role (except for men’s ministries and women’s ministries, but that’s a can of worms I don’t want to open right now).
Sixth thing, the passage in 1 Tim 3 talks about overseers, not pastors. And the overseer needs to be a husband of one wife. Hmm…I wonder why? Perhaps so they can work as a team…
Seventh thing, the church should pioneer equal pay for equal work. How awesome would that be.

The Parker J Cole Show — Breaking the Glass Steeple

Parker J Cole BannerSeveral months ago, I started following a blog by a woman named Jory Micah. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was led there by a guest blogger who talked about the problem with the evangelical purity movement in the church. Since I started following Jory’s blog, my brain has been opened to new ideas and concepts about a woman’s place in the body of Christ.

Some may view her blog a Christian feminist blog and that usually gives the idea of women burning their bras and running out in the street bare-chested in the name of equality. Yet, the more I followed her blog, I started to have my ideas of about where women stood in the body of Christ challenged. At the very least, she made me rethink some of my preconceptions about gender roles as I’ve been taught from knee high to adulthood.

Jory is one of the many people working to break the glass steeple in the Church — or rather, fight for gender equality. Join me for a fascinating discussion on this important topic. Perhaps you’ll have the same mind blowing thoughts I had as I read through hers and her other guest discourses about equality among the body of Christ. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can click on the link here. http://tobtr.com/8236605.  Tune in!

Last Saturday on the Show…


Original Ouija Board

I mentioned an experience on the show last Saturday where I talked about my one and only experience with a Ouija board. I was twelve and at school. That particular day was game day. The teacher allowed us all to bring board games from home (board games are the archaic version of fun time for some of us older ones) and all us kind gravitated to different groups.

When I saw the board, I remembered the commercial for the game. Looking back, it’s horrific to think they advertised a bunch of young kids playing this game, complete with a darkened room and a candle asking questions about life.

Although I grew up with a minister as a father and my mother as a Sunday School teacher, the unknown realm of the occult drew me in. I had been told not to play with it when my mother saw the commercial but when it’s right in front of you and all the kids are there…you go with the flow.

Anyway, we all put fingers on the little triangular thingamabob and kids of course was moving and kidding around. Then someone was like, “Okay, ya’ll for real. Let’s do this.” We all focused, quieted down, and then one girl with wavy curly hair asked, “Is there a spirit in this room.” I remember it being bright as day in the room…we were next to the windows at the back but a weird hush fell over everyone. We all sat and watched. Nothing happened.

Then someone suggested, “Let’s all ask.” (I guess the Spirit couldn’t hear us.) We all leaned in around the board and said, “Is there a spirit in this room?”

Once again, nothing happened.

“Let’s ask louder.” (Spirit could be deaf after all.) This time we all leaned in, bunched up around the board. Everyone was dead serious. By this time, we ALL wanted to know. Then we screamed “Is there a Spirit in this room!?”

It slid over to ‘yes’.

runningI nearly toppled the desk running away from that game. Several of us did. I was so scared I went home and told on myself. My mom merely looked at me and figured the experience was punishment enough.

Needless to say, I never fooled around with anything like that again. Looking back, maybe even then someone had moved it over to the ‘yes’ slot but I wasn’t going to take any chances. 

Fast forward to today and the occult appeal has spread with lightning fast speed. It’s spread so much so that it’s being mixed with science as well, almost like alchemy if you will. A segment of the population closely associated with the occult are psychics. TV shows, movies, books, etc show psychics in many ways — the tortured victim, the government experiment, the truth bringer, etc. Yet, at the end of the day, psychics provide services and services have to be evaluated: Can they help you?

Now, I’ll be the first to say that reading a fictional book with a psychic doesn’t make me an advocate for it. I can divorce fiction from reality. Odd Thomas is a fascinating character but I’ve no wish to delve into his world. The real, seen world is scary enough.

We discussed that on the show with Marcia who used to be an astrologer as well as had psychic friends who she used to be close with for a long time. Her ministry now is to reach those and others caught up in the New Age as well as educate the church on subtle New Age trends making its way in the body of Christ.

We spent quite a considerable time on the topic because we wanted to touch on as many aspects as possible so if you have the time, check it out and let me know what you think. And, if there’s something you want us to cover around this topic, let me know.

Parker J Cole Gold JacketParker is a diehard Trekkie (TOS), sci-fi lover, fantasy dweller, romance junkie, anime freak, old movie buff, church-goer, off and on Mountain Dew and marshmallow recovering addict who writes to fill the void the sugar left behind. Visit her website at parkerjcole.com

The Parker J Cole Show — The Psychics: Can They Help You?


Today’s show we’ll be digging into the whole arena of the supernatural and the alleged connectors via the psychics. Psychics and psychic readings and services have grown exponentially which I find surprising in a culture increasing trying to suppress the supernatural aspect of creation. Be that as it may, I’ll be discussing this with Marcia Montenegro whose ministry is geared toward exposing the New Age trends creeping into the Church and our culture, educating churches, and ministering to New Agers.

They can tell you what day to interview for the job. Using a scarf, they can tell you the name of your loved one. Give them your birthday and they can tell you what your life path will be. Psychics are seen as having the answer to everything. From relationship management to detectives who find clues to a crime, psychics have long been seen as both a doorway and answer to the pressing problems of our personal life and the world around us.

Celebrities have advocated for them. Scientists study them. Common lay persons believe in them. But the question is this: Can they help us?

Join me as I talked with returning guest, Marcia Montenegro from Christian Answer for the New Age as we discuss whether or not psychics can helps us. Call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/8044757  Or, download the WLUV radio mobile app. Tune In!